Barcode House

When someone hires an architecture firm known for beyond-the-norm creativity to design a house, they know they might get something special.  Such is the case with a project by MVRDV architects called the Barcode House.

Fastcodesign author Suzanne LaBarre writes about the project in a recent article.  “Several years ago, Claudia Langer and Gregor Wöltje hired the Dutch architecture studio MVRDV to build a house on the outskirts of Munich. Instead, they got nine houses. MVRDV, who’ve designed some of the most creative, and controversial, buildings of recent memory, evoked the look of a barcode by dividing a big boxy volume into nine vertical strips, each dramatically different from the next.”

The photos of the home and the interior spaces that were created by these unique divisions show how the house took on its own life.  The segmented spaces and interior lines make the separations work well both inside and out.

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