Interview with French Designer Valerie Pasquiou

Valerie Pasquiou is an artist of European style and American-influenced sensibility who moved to the United States as a set designer when she was 22 years old.   Her journey to the world of interior design is surprising and even reads a bit like a Hollywood script.

Recently Ms. Pasquiou was interviewed by Loft Life, and as author Cate West Zahl found out, the road to acclaim was not exactly a straight line.  Ms. Pasquio describes her journey: “So my background is art and advertising, which led me very naturally into set design. I got noticed by a few people, mostly photographers, who said things like ‘you have such a good eye,’ and really encouraged me to start doing set design full time. One thing lead to another, and I started to work with people like Ben Stiller, Sheryl Crow. That said, it was an amazing training in terms of interior design because I learned how to be extremely efficient in a short period of time.”

Her style shows how European thinking offers a refreshing alternative to the American penchant for “matching.” “I will say that I’m much less cautious than other designers from the America. I’m not really concerned with having everything match. I never have been. I’m not quite sure where the myth that things must or should match came from.”

Photograph by BitBoy

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