Tentsile is a fascinating exploration into the ideas of well planned space and innovative materials. A mix between a hammock and a tent, the designers claim it to be the world’s most versatile tent, able to span above complex terrain, natural obstacles and other limiting factors to create a camping space unlike any others. As Tentsile writes of it’s product, “is a portable shelter that combines the versatility of a hammock with the comfort and security of a tent.

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Noha’s Cradle

The organic nature of wood is like no other material – beautiful, unique and crafted by the hand of nature.  The incredible blend of beauty comes to true life in the hand of the carver.  One designer Joost van Veldhuizen has created a cradle that he likens to, albeit smaller, Noah’s ark.  As Knstrct writes about the stunning product, “Joost van Veldhuizen is a young dutch design talent, and the driving power behind the upcoming label VanJoost. VanJoost’s latest piece of work is the NOAH Cradle, a beautiful hand crafted wood crib that can be hung from a tree in an open forest – or a ceiling in your nursery. Each cradle is constructed on Joost van Veldhuizen’s farm in the rural Dutch countryside of the Veluwe where he scoops wood out of a massive block of  wood to sculpt the final shape!”

Photograph by  ednl


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Ideas For The Pool



It’s summer time and what better way to celebrate than by enjoying one of the seasons best benefits – the outdoor pool. Houzz contributor Lisa Frederick has assembled a collection of photos of some of the best ideas for this space. She shares her 8 tips on what she thinks helps make a pool function and enhance a home. And while a pool may not be in everyone’s budget there are some simple principles behind the tips for the development and design of just about any outdoor space. As she writes about the idea of lounging at home, “Perhaps the only thing more luxurious than lounging by a shimmering turquoise pool is knowing that a fruity beverage, a fluffy towel or spare sunglasses are just a few steps away from your chaise.”

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Too Much is Never Enough – Architect Morris Lapidus

This short film about famed Miami area Architect Morris Lapidus, shows off some of his most iconic projects along with his favorite, Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road. As described on Vimeo by the Author and Producer Chuck Ferris:

“Architect Morris Lapidus was best known for his glamorous Miami Beach hotels, the Fontainebleau and Eden Roc, and for saying ‘Too much is never enough.’ But he had one project that was his favorite: Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road, one of the nation’s first pedestrian malls.”

Morris Lapidus- Architect | Icon | American Original from Chuck Farris | VisualSOLUTIONS on Vimeo.

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Architecture for Art – The University of Wyoming

The last century saw some incredible architectural creations that were designed for the display of artwork. Frank Gehry and the Denver Museum of Art, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim in New York City, and MOMA by Stone and Goodwin all made major impacts on the landscape they were placed in. A lesser known, yet equally important, location is the University of Wyoming Museum of Art, which was designed by renowned architect Antoine Predock. This video is a tour of the facility and gives a sense of how the building interacts with the light and the landscape around it.

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Viking – An American Made Story

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Viking is one of the best known brands in kitchen appliances.  They are an American made company from Greenwood, MS who has made a dedicated effort to stay and manufacture their product in America.  ABC News recently visited with the company and learned what has driven the decision to stay in America as well as what makes Viking a unique brand within the kitchen appliance industry.  As Ben Forer writes, “Over the last decade Greenwood, Miss., a town of 18,000, has lost more than 2,000 jobs as the town’s top employers took their manufacturing abroad. ‘About eight years ago, we lost about three manufacturing plants due to companies leaving here and going to Mexico where they can get labor done cheaper, but Viking saved Greenwood, because Viking decided to stay here with us,’ said Bridgette Matthews, an employee at Viking Range Corporation who has lived in Greenwood for more than 40 years. ‘If Viking had left us like the other three manufacturing plants have done, Greenwood would be, it would be awful.’

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The Poor Porker

It’s not often that you see a list of items together that reads “rusty metal, weathered wood and vegan beignet dough,” but for the creators of a food/furniture stand in Florida called the Poor Porker, that’s exactly what they say would be a list of their dream materials.

Sous Style recently interviewed owners Robyn Wilson and Jarrid Masse about their interesting and innovative food truck and furniture design concept.  Their rugged individual style and desire to learn how to better their business on the fly is a fascinating combination of intuition and paying close attention to what their customers are telling them will make their business better.  Their advice for starting a business: “Just do it. If you focus too much on all of the logistics involved, you can easily scare yourself out of it. Use what you’ve got and share your ideas, the rest will follow.”

Photograph by vxla


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Just Enough Elbow Room

Yahoo Shine author Lylah M. Alphonse recently discovered writer and photographer Erin Boyle, 28, and her fiance, biologist James Casey, 30,  who share a small yet efficient apartment in Brooklyn Heights, which they described to the New York Post as “dungeon-esque.” As Alphonse writes, “While most people dream of having more space and complain about being overwhelmed by clutter, one Brooklyn couple has found a way to live comfortably in just 240 square feet — a space smaller than a one-car garage.”

The small house movement continues to become more mainstream and has inspired an audience that relishes the minimalism of a smaller spaces.  While authors like Sarah Susanka have for years advocated for right-sized spaces, the tiny house movement in general pushes for more efficient living.  Their advocacy includes the decreasing of “stuff,” so that living is strictly about what is only necessary.  The story shows how living in small spaces with sentimental items like 12-foot surfboards takes some reconciliation. 

Photograph by geishaboy500


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One Giant Craftsman

From Curbed L.A. comes a story about a California Craftsman home called Artemesia.  As Curbed author Pauline O’Connor writes, “Per the listing, the 13,250 square foot home ‘is the largest Craftsman residence in the U. S.‘ Located on a 1.79-acre lot in the same gated neck of the Los Feliz Oaks as Brangelina’s compound, the century-old Artemesia’s features include seven bedrooms and baths, six Batchelder fireplaces, a sleeping porch complete with Murphy bed, a built-in concert pipe organ, modern HVAC, upgraded electrical systems, a security detection system, ponds and waterfalls, and the aforementioned guest house with three-car garage. Asking price is $11.995 million.”

The house was constructed in 1913 as the family residence of the largest builder west of Chicago and is located on a gated private street in the Hollywood Hills just above Paramount Studios and the W Hotel. A 25-year-long restoration project has just been completed in time for the house’s 100th anniversary.


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Haslegrave Designs: A Long And Winding Road

Evan and Oliver Haslegrave are two brothers who have taken a winding and wild journey in their careers to become some of New York’s most respected designers.  The designing force behind a prestigious list of half a dozen New York City restaurants and shops including the Manhattan Inn, duckduck and Goat Town, the Haslegrave Brothers have earned their reputation as a great design duo.  Their journey in getting to where they are isn’t a  very traditional story for designers.

Starting off like many who come to find their dreams in New York, they were waiters and service industry employees who worked hard to keep the lights on in their apartment while moonlighting their real talents.  Their story, written about in The Scout, is a fascinating tale of how finding, using and pursuing their talents in the midst of the desires of the marketplace paid off.

“We like creating these places where you feel, in a comfortable way, all of these crossovers of necessity within one space. There are just so many different levels that have to all function and when you finally get those different things to overlap in the right way you end up with a cohesive, beautiful feeling in the space…It’s about creating that space that we really believe in.”

Photograph by KimCarpenter NJ

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